Sanne de Neige - The Forest Tapes (ICR 008)

by InClub Records

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Christian Schaefer
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Christian Schaefer Featured this album on the eighteenth issue of RULE of THREE (
What a track this is. This track is pure class. Soaring guitars and reverb soaked vocals are underpinned by a metronomic bass line and a rolling, retro drum pattern. Dans La Forêt builds and builds and the early drop when it happens is simply exquisite. This is a track that I keep coming back to. The guitar riffs are great and there is not a note out of place. A sublime winter treat. Favorite track: Dans La Forêt.
Ogulcan Cosar
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Ogulcan Cosar Haunting, cold, but somehow you find yourself dancing. Favorite track: Dans La Forêt.
Noah CaN daNce
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Noah CaN daNce Sometimes Listening to this album feels like hearing someone saying "follow me into the wood you can trust me"
i just followed and i'm still doing it.
The sound, the voice, the atmosphere it builds around, it is like watching a thunderstorm during the hottest summer day from a window just across the coniferous wood. The rain beats the beat, the trees play with their leaves and the wind is doing the rest. i just want to dance in the wood under the storm listening to Sanne de Neige. Favorite track: Venin.
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... fantastic melting atmosophere to each track Favorite track: Dans La Forêt.


It is very pleased to announce our new release of coldwave act of sweden, formed by two Sanne and Anton de Neige siblings, they envision us with beautiful dark chords full of energy and excellent vocalization.


released May 30, 2016



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We are a label that was born in Peru and support the multiple bands worldwide within genres, post punk, shoegaze, coldwave, darkwave, synth, ethereal, and more sounds, are a means of disseminating radio and space in social networks as a promoter of new acts ... ... more

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